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We Gonna Be OK

Nat Allister
A review of "Anotha Day" by LA Johnson
Written April 17th, 2017, 3:56 pm by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
LA Johnson (guess where he's from?) raps over an uplifting soulful track reminiscent of 2Pac's "Keep Ya Head Up," rhyming about his lifelong loyalty to the neighborhood he was shaped in. Johnson remembers his community with raw truth, touching on the bad and the good, the beautiful and the ugly. The piano samples cast the track in a golden light, perfect for a song steeped in a sort of reflective nostalgia for home, family, and the friends that are no longer here with us (due to murder, prison, etc).

"Anotha Day" would be an excellent theme song for

an inspirational inner city drama

The most impressive instrumental/vocal performance in this recording is

the warm beat

Let's Be Fake Friends

Music Climbing Naturally
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