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  • Exposure - Introduce your song to a new forum of listeners and fans.
  • Fun to Follow - Watch your songs move in the charts, get feedback, improve your craft.
  • Move Merchandise - Exchange hard merch (stickers, shirts, cds, etc) for more exposure. About Ladder Beads
  • Free Song Upload - There is no charge to upload your first song.
  • Youtube/Twitter - You can feature your Youtube videos and Twitter feed on your artist profile page.
  • We Need You - Songladder is lame without you. Seriously, we're nothing special without special music. Join us!

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  • It's Easy - All you need is an email and a zip code!
  • It's Free - We want you to discover music. We don't charge for that.
  • Get Merchandise - When you listen and react at Songladder.com, you gain Ladder Beads which can be exchanged for band merchandise.
  • Favorites - Build a collection of your favorite new songs just by telling us you like them.
  • Ground Level - You will boost artists who need a big break. We don't stream platinum-selling artists, we discover new ones through your efforts.

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