Ladder Beads

You have 0 ladder beads. Use them to buy goods or promote music.

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0 Ladder Beads

Ladder Beads


Virtual Currency
Ladder Beads are virtual currency. The more you earn, the more you can do at SongLadder.

Your Total
You have Zero ladder beads. You can buy ladder beads or earn 5 ladder beads in five minutes.


Fans exchange Ladder Beads for merchandise in the SongLadder Shop and to tip artists they like.

Artists can use ladder beads to upload more songs and promote songs to increase exposure.

Get Some

Just Listen
You can earn Ladder Beads by listening and interacting. We have a special offer to earn 5 beads in 5 minutes.

Buy Ladder Beads
If you want Ladder Beads immediately, you can buy them. Your purchase will help us to improve Songladder.

Ladder Beads have no cash value.

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