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Songladder wants to bring new music to your lonely ears. We believe lesser-known artists have a lot to offer but they need the right forum. If you enjoy having your music spoon-fed to you by mainstream media, Songladder might not be for you. But if you enjoy holding your own spoon, and fork, and knife, then dig in!

Climbing Naturally

Songladder uses listener feedback to push the best music to the top of our charts. We recognize that anonymous voting is often tainted or fabricated. So, we give more credibility to songs that have 'natural' voting activity. Read more about song ranking.

Always Free Music

All songs in our community are available for free. We want artists to gain loyal followers and Songladder to gain loyal listeners. If hear something you like, make sure you support the artist by purchasing the album or other Merchandise in our online store.

Ladder Beads

Ladder beads are Songladder currency. You can gain Ladder Beads by listening to music and providing feedback. Ladder beads can be exchanged for Merchandise. Artists can use Ladder Beads to upload more songs and get more exposure for their music. Ladder Beads are virtual goods with no cash value, but they are useful at Songladder.com. Read more about Ladder Beads

The First 50

Our community is nothing without good music. We believe that our first 50 songs are the most important. These artists set the standard for quality at Songladder.com. They took the time to upload music when Songladder was quiet and empty like a music club on a Monday night. Give these brave artists a listen!

Our Editors

Our editors select favorites from the Songladder charts and offer written opinion. It's a great way for artists to get feedback on their craft. More importantly, editors point our listeners in the direction of good material that might have low exposure. They mark the trails and you can hike them if you want to! View All Songladder Editors

Our Founders

Songladder was created by Mark and Leonard. Mark is a web developer with a passion for music. Leonard is a parrot who lives in a cage. He recites his favorite songs over and over again which can be maddening. Desperate for new music, Leonard hatched the Songladder idea.
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The newest Songladder tune is "Lilac Time Serenade Variations Opus 1" by Orv Pibbs
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What are Ladder Beads?
Ladder beads are the currency of the Songladder community.
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