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The Sweet Distortion of Pop Rock

Nat Allister
A review of "Breakin The Chains" by Ang Katas Project (The Juice)
Written March 23rd, 2017, 8:17 pm by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
The Ang Katas Project (apparently a.k.a. "The Juice") creates a unique sound in "Breakin the Chains," featuring a sort of mid-90s, distorted, pop-rock female vocal melody with a very deliberate series of single, dissonant notes in the background. The notes, which sound like they might have come from a cello, are accompanied by a plodding drum beat and some fancy guitar licks. The catchy vocals remind me of a little of that Golden Age of 90s pop rock, conjuring up memories of grounded, female-driven bands like The Cranberries, Four Non Blondes, or maybe even Alanis Morrisette...and possibly all stemming from the great Janis Joplin as an original source of influence. The lyrics are somewhat enigmatic, though might possibly suggest that the singer's lover is in a sort of midlife crisis--scattered, unable to commit to anything, and making poor choices to treat his deeper problems. And the singer is asking him (or her) to calm down, that "we can work this out." Hey you, who think its dramatic To be part of this life's grand schematic You think that I'm addicted to change I must adopt to the game Hey look at the time where did it go? Out of the window Baby what you don't understand I could be your girl And while you're trying to hide your imperfections Be prime and spread your love like an infection Who cares if that's a cliche? Do it anyway. Cause I'm breaking the chains Come and help me out, come and let me out Cause I'm breaking the chains Come and let me out, Lord, please help me out. I'm living life in the middle Cause I am going through the eye of a needle Prayin' that he's watching my soul, Will you open the door And I know its just a big misunderstanding Put on my shoes and walk the ground where I'm standing Baby I ain't got no doubt we can work this out And its up to you to make your own decisions Put up a fight to cure this condition The Lord has always got you in sight It'll be alright.

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