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Minnesota Electro-Orchestral Beauty

Nat Allister
A review of "Prom Night demo" by Supermodel
Written February 6th, 2017, 9:49 am by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
The song is called "Prom Night Demo," a gorgeous mix of retro-sounding synthesizers (possibly conjuring up Supermodel's memories of prom?) and distorted vocal samples, resulting in a stunningly beautiful electro-symphonic experimental song. Supermodel hails from Minneapolis, MN (as do I, for those who might be interested), and her bio on Reverbnation simply reads: "Supermodel is a flake. She puts on mascara even if she doesn't go out. She is also a spaz and probably a delinquent." Whatever she is, she clearly has both classical composition training and an experimental mind, fully prepared to blast into the future with her Baroque and Romantic toolkit.

"Prom Night demo" is reminiscent of well-known artists such as

M83, The Polyphonic Spree, Cloud Cult

Let's Be Fake Friends

Music Climbing Naturally
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