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Chill Blues Grooves for an Acoustic Crowd

Nat Allister
A review of "Alma A" by NewStrange
Written March 29th, 2017, 3:39 pm by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
There's a truly wonderful little groove in "Alma A" by Minnesota-based NewStrange, created with nothing more than guitar(s), drums, and a well-used tambourine. The singer's voice is smooth and cool, and goes perfectly with the chill instrumentation of the song--reminding me a little of 90s singer/songwriter David Gray, or even Alt-J's Joe Newman. The tone of the song, however, is much more laid-back than those two, with an easygoing swing to it. "Alma A" is about a girl, I think, and the singsong lyrics are a perfect balance of subtle and strong.

"Alma A" would be an excellent theme song for

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