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California Dream Pop

Nat Allister
A review of "This Whale" by Helen Mystic
Written January 26th, 2017, 2:46 pm by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
Helen Mystic combines gorgeous, reverberant harmonies with synth and soft drum samples to create a dreamy soundscape for the end of a late night, or perhaps the beginning of a new day. Helen Mystic is Isaac Silk, Tennessee Mowrey, and Tobias Butler. I've decided to copy-and-paste their entire article to Method Magazine in this review, because it's truly brilliant, and provides insights into the band that I never could: "Our EP sounds like molasses and wind chimes, a neti pot or toast in the morning. But we tell our dates it sounds like James Blake. We rehearse “in Bushwick” and recorded our EP in our living room over a month and three days. We took breaks mainly to play with our Bluntsenburner. We dream of opening for Novelty Daughter and going on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. But if we ever make a music video, it should be shot inside a redwood by Albert Tholen... If you wanna hear us live you should put your ear to our chest. But if you’re down with the laptop, water the plants and turn off shuffle. Oh and if Tennessee gets internet famous we’ll replace him with Henry Hall dressed in brightly-colored fabrics. PS The best song to make out to is This Whale. But don't bother listening if you're allergic to latex. Oh and the best song to call your mom to is - don't listen to music while you call your mom. She deserves your undivided attention."

I would add "This Whale" to a playlist called

Landing Gear

"This Whale" is reminiscent of well-known artists such as

Beach House, Panda Bear

Let's Be Fake Friends

Music Climbing Naturally
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