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With All the Parts Coming Together

Gabrielle Azi
A review of "together" by parts&labor
Written February 17th, 2017, 7:30 pm by

Gabrielle Azi FROM SongLadder

SongLadder Editor
Parts&Labor is a name you might give a mechanic store in your film that your anti-hero comes in contact with in the quest to hide their identity and move on with their life but that's not what you get here. Parts&Labor are a Georgian band that are bringing smooth rock that has country undertones without remorse. The lead singer's voice is one you can't help but smile at especially when he gets to the chorus. His voice is strong and never wavering as he delivers line after line with all the confidence he can muster. There are 80s and 90s rock influence here as far as pacing and sound goes. Speaking of sound the music is crisp and the production is a hundred percent studio quality. “Together” comes together without a hitch. This is the type of song a guy could play for that special person of his life and see positive results before they drive off into the sunset leaving that mechanic store behind, it's just that good.

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