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Slow, Steady and Strong On Its Own

Gabrielle Azi
A review of "On My Own" by Amy Broussard
Written January 30th, 2017, 6:25 pm by

Gabrielle Azi FROM SongLadder

SongLadder Editor
Amy Broussard has the crooning vocals that are reminiscent to Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks that make for a pleasurable hearing experience. “On My Own” is something like a slow rock ballad that you would expect to hear in the 1990s to a music video that would have repeat replays throughout the day back when MTV actually played music videos. “On My Own” is far from being a song to dance to as it's better suited for those times where you can sit alone and reflect on life. Broussard's voice nicely complements the acoustic guitar and never wavers as she gives what is a heartfelt, emotional delivery of lyrics that are written directly from the heart. Those who enjoy acts like Crow, Nicks, Joplin and even Fleetwood Mac will want to give this a play or two when you have time to yourself.

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