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Fresh EDM Sounds

Gabrielle Azi
A review of "Full Spectrum" by Needle Prix
Written February 16th, 2017, 7:47 pm by

Gabrielle Azi FROM SongLadder

SongLadder Editor
“Full Spectrum” sounds like something you would hear while you played any of the old Castlevania games bringing nostalgia to anyone who is familiar with the game or just a game enthusiast in general. Needle Prix is making some interesting sounds that are nice to hear in the EDM category while everyone is out trying to be the next Skrillex. There are some dark tones to “Full Spectrum” but it is a fun listen as you take on all the complex sounds that will have you smiling. “Full Spectrum” is masterfully produced and there are no stumbles along the way as Needle Prix sprints over the finish line. Needle Prix has a sound that is unleashed in this track that could have found its way on to one of the Matrix soundtracks while still getting some play in the nightclubs with colorful strobe lights and glowing bracelets.

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