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All You Want and Need

Gabrielle Azi
A review of "All I Want" by Blair Irvine
Written April 2nd, 2017, 4:09 pm by

Gabrielle Azi FROM SongLadder

SongLadder Editor
As SongLadder doesn't have an abundance of Canadian artists Blair Irvine's addition to the sight is a fresh of breath air with the arrival of “All I Want”. The track is infectious with it's 1980s rock sounds that will have you scrambling to quickly learn the lyrics so that you can sing along to in your hair brush or mop end. There is a very “Baracuda” flair to the song making it something that Pat Benatar could have easily belted out had she written the lyrics. The Cult, Rick Springfield and Loverboy are just some other bands that one can easily compare to Blair Irvine. “All I Want” would have made a perfect addition to some of the bigger films in the 80s had it been made during the time as it definitely carries that vibe from instrument composition to vocals. Speaking of which, Blair Irvine never lets the energy of the song get away which allows you to enjoy the track all the way to the end where you might just have to hit the play button one more time.

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