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Vintage Blues, Live

Nat Allister
A review of "Heaven Scent 12182013" by Northport Breeze
Written April 2nd, 2017, 9:36 am by

Nat Allister FROM Fox & Beggar Theater Inc.

SongLadder Editor
Smooth, vintage blues rock is played out of a warm electric guitar straight out of a Hendrix album. "Heaven Scent" is played live, which decreases much of Northport Breeze's musical detail, but they make up for it with a warm presence that suggests this is a fun band to see. Nothing too radical is going on in this song...just bare-bones American jam, with some great use of a wah pedal and some fun, funky key lines. Northport's singer has a strong, dirty rock n roll voice, perfect for howling out blues lyrics.

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